Bone and Nerve Alignment

The body is self-correcting. Fix the physical, chemical and emotional stress and you’ll be amazed how your health can turn around!
-Dr. John Bergman, DC

Upcoming crackeries:
Dagupan – 01/9 - 01/11
Manila – 01/13 - 01/18
Muar, Malaysia – Feb 2020

Full Body Alignment
Since the body is one big bio-machine, I generally align everything unless a severe case needs me to focus on just an area.

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Booking exclusive only for Bacolod City.
SLOTS IN GREEN - available
SLOTS IN GREY - booked

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Bacolod TF: a donation of 500php or more.
300php for kids up to 15 yrs. old.

This website updates in real-time. Please refresh the page to view changes to availability in schedule.

IMPORTANT! Clients with the following are prohibited from receiving alignment:
-Stroke victims
-Severe dislocations
-Brittle bones (i.e. osteoporosis)
-Currently taking heavy medication
-Maximum weight: 250lbs

DISCLAIMER: I am not a licensed chiropractor. Also, I am not a doctor nor do I intend to replace your qualified health care professional. What I do have is a certain set of skills in bone and nerve alignment.

Upon booking, you acknowledged that you have read and understood the above statements.

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